Story Acceptance, Earthquake & Tooth or Dare

Had a story accepted tonight for what looks like a truly awesome anthology. So far I’m sharing the sheets with some very fine writers. Will say more when I can.

I was standing on the second floor of a very cute condo when Agent Gal got excited and said, “Oh! We’re having an earthquake!” Myself, I barely felt it. Clearly, I was absorbed in other things, like realizing that, although the place was gorgeous, it didn’t have enough wall space for my zillions of bookshelves.

The tooth is progressing but not nearly at the rate I’d expected. I’ve been taking the antibiotics since basically Monday morning and I still can’t chew worth anything without pain. I’ve got 4 more days of medication. Maybe it’ll improve dramatically over the weekend. Meanwhile, I keep trying to eat all kinds of things and keep failing. I guess it’s Gerber’s for me. Or just pass me a Guinness! It’s liquid bread, after all.

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