Goodbye, Old Faithful

I turned in my old HP LaserJet 4P to be recycled this morning, as it had stopped working after years of making an annoying squeaking sound. It lasted 16 years and belched out numerous stories, scripts, poems, letters — it virtually printed my entire career up until now.

Many years ago when I divorced, my ex-husband gave me the printer and he kept the computer. I think I got the better deal.

I decided to replace it with another HP, this time an OfficePro Inkjet 8500, the wireless all-in-one that prints, faxes, scans and copies. It even prints double-sided. I’ve stepped into the 21st Century!

Still, as they packed it up at Office Depot*, where I got a $50 rebate towards my new printer, I felt this horrible pang. How odd is that? So many memories, so much history…

I just hope that this HP is half as good to me as the last one was.

*Yes, I could have bought one online instead of with Office Depot, but when you add shipping, it comes out to about what I paid for it. Plus, recycling electronics is a double plus good thing!

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