My Bad Self is Back!

Hello, everyone!

You Slut! Where Have You Been?
Please don’t feel abandoned. I’ve neglected even Lord Arux for long weeks as I’m trying to wrap up the first draft of The Damned Novel. I’ve learned that, although I have a wonderful outline that I drafted three years ago, the ending isn’t working. So, I’ve let my characters take over and you can imagine that they’ve made a mess of things. But not to worry! It’s a very entertaining, delightful mess. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Multiple Genre Disorder
I’ve had some correspondence with the inestimable Michael Marshall Smith about the business challenges of writing in multiple genres. Do I go to ThrillerCon? Or Bouchercon? Or maybe some other literary convention? I don’t know. What I do know is that, while the current book is traditional, the next two books involve some fantastic elements in a real-world setting. The next book will have mystery elements for sure. I grew up worshiping and reading Agatha Christie before I discovered horror and science fiction. In my mind, it only makes sense that these things weave together. And who is willing to represent a writer like that? Anyone? Bueller? Yeah.

Save the Dragon!
In the meantime, I’ve learned that the late Blake Snyder, who wrote the indispensable Save the Cat!, was a major consultant on How to Train Your Dragon. I’m touched to hear that director Dean DeBlois got a dedication to Blake put into the credits. If you had ever met Blake or had any interaction with him, you can vouch for what an amazing man he was and how much he surely deserved the recognition he’s receiving even posthumously.

Stoker Stoking
Speaking of recognition, congrats to all of my friends who won Stokers this year: Sarah Langan, Lisa Morton and Chris Conlon. Hurrah!

I’ve Got Mahogany Hair Now. Deal With It.
In other news, my hair is no longer black. Um, this was a little bit of a surprise yesterday at the hair dresser.

ME: “I hate how this transition is going from black to dark brown. Also, I need the dead ends cut off. Blech.”
HE HEARD: “It’s time for a change.”

And, um, yeah. It’s different. And shorter. A lot shorter. It’ll grow back. Or so I’m told. But the black is mostly gone. Miraculously, it’s not fried.

More as soon as I can!

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