Seder Shootout

Last night, as I made my way toward Barham Road into Hollywood, about seven police cars came screaming up behind me. We all pulled over as they surrounded a black car just ahead. The officers jumped out of their vehicles with guns drawn. Helicopters roared overhead.

At that point, I ducked below my dash. I heard gunshots and hoped that no stray bullets would hit my windshield. The gunshots were followed by the sound of glass shattering. I peeked up over my dash and saw the officers run back to their cars and pull away after the black car.

I also noticed that not one goddamned person around me had ducked for cover. On the contrary, they were craning to see what was happening. A young woman was running on the street. One guy was shouting from a shop doorway to someone in their car, but he clearly didn’t look alarmed.

What a bunch of ultra fuckwits live in this city. Did it just happen too fast for them to realize what was happening?

And as it turned out, a man wanted for attempted murder was in the black car. An officer shot out his window and injured him. Yet, he pulled away and drove all the way to Universal, where he was finally stopped and arrested.

Here’s the news report with footage. At 1:13, my car is just behind the white car at the bottom right corner of the screen.

On The Huffington Post footage, the ABC newscaster even says “This could be an extremely violent situation.” There was some question as to whether or not the Burbank police were using non-lethal bullets. It hardly matters. The bad guys always use lethal bullets.

I’m just glad they caught him.

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