NEW Doctor Who Filk Song! “My Friend the Doctor” for the 50th Anniversary

Bret and I have been slaving away in the filk mines to bring you this wee gem. We wrote the lyrics based on the song “My Friend the Doctor” originally sung by Anthony Newley in the musical Doctor Dolittle by Leslie Bricusse. The music here is a cover by Bobby Darin.

We hope you enjoy it!

As we’re both fans of Anthony Newley, we were disappointed that we had to use the Bobby Darin music because the Anthony Newley recording couldn’t be “karaoke-ized.” Apparently Newley was recorded in front of a live orchestra, which meant the second track (or whatever it is that Audacity and other programs would normally invert) wasn’t even there.

But this version grew on us. It’s lively like The Doctor.

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