Giving Thanks While Waiting for Léon

Thanks so very much to everyone who came to my blog, read “Why I Hate (Most) Photos and Drawings of Women with Swords” and shared the link, as well as its follow up, “Depictions of Sword Women that are (Mostly) Awesome.” Since it went viral, I’ve met lots of wonderful people, received some humbling accolades, and learned new things. I can’t thank you all enough for that. I wrote those posts six months ago. Up until the middle of November, I’d only received a couple  of virtual spitwads from Walking Dead fans and a big thumbs up from my pal Keith at Vintage Ninja.

More Me Funny

If you want to read more of my humor, check out my Scribd account, where I’ve posted free reprints of my more popular essays, such as:

Dogma, Darth Vader and My Sexual Awakening” (from Issue 5 of make/shift magazine)

The Sparkle Dick Diaries: The Problem with Jail Bite in Twilight and Other Teenage Romances” (inspired by a piece I wrote for BITCH magazine)

and “Goodnight, Marvin,” an In Memoriam I wrote for Douglas Adams that appeared in a great BenBella Books Anthology with Cory Doctorow and other science fiction authors.


Meanwhile, a Nameless Internet Vigilante has announced that they are going to contact the artists to tell them of my dastardly deeds because I didn’t ask for permission. I’ve got legal counsel galore. It is perfectly legal for me to post these photos without permission or even attribution. The blog post falls under criticism and commentary for non-commercial purposes, which are legally protected uses. I’m happy to attribute the images if they wish. I was trying to give them the option to come forward for discussion. Otherwise, it looks like I’m saying, “HEY, CHECK OUT <INSERT DUMB BUTT’S NAME> PICTURES,” which is more like public shaming than serious commentary. I also didn’t want people to think I was criticizing the artist’s entire oeuvre.

I’m Okay. Are You Okay?

WordPress might not think or be so — at least not initially — but I’ll eventually be okay.

Side Note of Awesome: If you want to read a chilling essay on Internet vigilantism, pick up Douglas Preston’s “Trial By Fury: Internet Savagery and the Amanda Knox Case” for your Kindle. His Slate article on the subject is good, too.)

More snark soon!

2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks While Waiting for Léon

  1. How would any of the artists know where to “come forward for discussion” if no one contacted them for permission? I guess they could copy and paste your work onto their blogs with “this stuff sucks” at the top, call it “criticism and commentary for non-commercial purposes,” and all would be fair.

    • Actually, one has already and that was in the blog. Plus, there’s direct contact information here.

      They could totally do what you described — there are laws. And besides, I didn’t say, “This stuff sucks.” I said, “This is highly problematic and here’s why.” Huge difference. If they want to do likewise, that’s what the law is for. Otherwise, how could we have criticism or commentary? How many people would volunteer to have their work held up as an example of a systemic problem in our culture? Not fucking many. In fact, probably no one, which is why the law exists.

      I know your comment is an angry one. You’re probably still mad. But I do hear what you’re upset about.



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