What’s Nothing is Actually Something

Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers might actually be sugar free, but they have a gargantuzillian number of calories.

Which is approximately how many calories I consumed this weekend as we entertained the very nice people who are babysitting my car for a year. We had juicy steaks and a superb bottle of Blackstone merlot followed by Canadian maple whisky. I then turned into a cat for nine hours.



Despite many hours of lounging, I managed to work on “The Last Word.” I also wrote a very funny little article that I submitted to the Washington Post about growing up in my crazy, ricochet-zing-zing-zing! religious upbringing that introduced me to All Thinges Judeo-Christian and then some. It’s for their series on faith. Although I was only able to write a little about my own faith towards the end, Miss I-Can’t-Write-Nuthin’-Under-4500 still managed to hit the 400-word limit.

As part of the Saturday evening entertainment, we went to the MOCA and saw the grand opening of the Rauschenberg exhibit. Viewing a Rauschenberg “combine” is like listening to a schizophrenic mumble and realizing the crazy guy is actually saying something sensible and sinister.

Which explains the nutty dreams I had Saturday night. Either that, or I’m more than a little nervous that this new agent will like the book. She sent me an email telling me she was reading it this weekend. I have a zingy sort of surprise transit tomorrow. It’s related to either publishing, legal issues, or Middlebury. I’m hoping for publishing…

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