Kiss My Ass McCain: Give Me Equal Pay

I want to thank Yvonne Navarro for writing up how the Republican Bastard Brigade just defeated the Fair Pay Act. For those who don’t know, women today make up 56% of college graduates and nearly half of the labor force in this country. Yet women make only 73 cents to a man’s dollar, and mothers only make 60 cents, for the exact same job. McCain actually had the gall to say this was because women needed “more education and training.”

McCain is out of his nut-licking mind.

When I was working at Peoplelink in 2001, I requested that they hire a second writer to help me. When we got R’s resume, I remembered working with him at another company back in 1997 and liking him a lot. In terms of work experience, I had the more intense technical background. In the first wave of layoffs, they let R go and he told me that he was pretty sure he was making a lot more money than I was. He was right — I found out he was making 20% more a year! I was outraged. I complained loudly and got a moderate raise, but not anything close enough to narrow the gap.

So, sign the online petition to send McCain the message that, thank you very much, women already have the education and training, you stupid sexist bastard. It’s time we show the world that we walk our talk about equal rights.

Also, post in your blog your own experience of pay inequality or that of a woman in your life and be sure to link back to the previous blog. Let’s show how far the trail of inequality runs.

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