Bad God, No Biscuit!

This grieving shit is an unreal process. I get the whole circle of life-kumbaya-balance thing, but for crying out loud, do we really have to do this part? Really?

Foshizz, though, I’m feeling a lot of love.

Whenever you say anything, just acknowledging what happened, it helps. Tremendously.

And those of you who have picked up the phone, whether I’ve called you or you’ve called me, that’s been great, too. Because talking is the best thing right now. Granted, sometimes I start feeling myself sliding down the rabbit hole as we’re talking and I need to hang up, but still. Thank you. And it’s been helpful to let me tell insane stories about my family. (And — OMFG — the skeletons in the closet are popping out right now and rattling their bones. In fact, it’s a freakin’ ossuary over here, folks.)

Ditto for the messages, texts, calls, cards. Really wonderful. Thank you.

If you’re a friend and you haven’t said anything, I’m assuming that you’re freaked out and don’t know what to say. It’s cool. We’re not all the picture of mental health around these issues. I’m not taking it personally. But for heaven’s sake I do wish that you’d pick up the goddamn phone. Or something. Srsly. We’ve all gotta deal with this sort of thing sooner or later.

And thank goodness for my fantastic boyfriend. Holy shit, he’s amazing. Like “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” amazing. Someone call the factory and order more men of this model — stat!

Funeral is scheduled for Tuesday morning in the middle of nowhere. Since it’s a veteran’s cemetery, the flower situation is very limited. So, I’m hoping to set up an account in her name for people to donate funds to the Humane Society. Stay tuned.

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