Unholywood: A Samantha Blazes Story by Maria Alexander.

The perfect Christmas Kindle stuffer for your favorite Lovecraft fan!

When a coven of burned-out screenwriters invoke Nyarla-youknowwho to kill studio execs, Samantha Blazes is called in to the rescue. What Lovecraftian nightmares lurk in the Hollywood Lake? And can Samantha stop them before Tinsel Town goes to the ghouls?

Edited, extended and reformatted, this 9000-word novelette originally appeared under the title “Samantha Blazes: Psychic Detective of L.A.” in the anthology Hastur Pussycat, Kill! Kill! edited by Michael Huyck for Vox13 in 2003. “Unholywood” cover artwork by Pete Von Sholly.

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