Mr. Wicker Launch Success, Interviews & Next Signing

Thanks to everyone for such a successful launch this weekend!

Shades & Shadows Reading

It started with a terrific standing-room-only reading at the Shades & Shadows reading series Saturday night, where I read with some great female horror talent. I especially loved meeting Caitlin Dougherty and Edith Cohn. And I always love seeing Nancy Holder, who is dear to me. The response to my reading was overwhelmingly positive. Gatsby Books happened to have several copies of Mr. Wicker, which they sold.

Dark Delicacies Book Launch Success

Yeehaw! The turnout for the signing at Dark Delicacies on Sunday was terrific! Thanks to everyone who came and bought books. You are all rock stars. In the age of the Kindle, I was surprised that the hardcover books sold out first. Lovely!

First reviews are coming in on the book, and they’re great! So pleased that Alicia and the Librarian are making a good impression on people.

Save the Cat!® Blog Post

Check out my guest blog post, “What You See Is Who You Get: POV in Script-To-Book Adaptations.” Screenwriters are already telling me it’s incredibly helpful in both their adaptation work and simply learning to write novels.

The Qwillery Interview

I really enjoyed this particular interview, wherein I talk about my personal writing background, inspirations and what’s incredibly unique about the book trailer. In fact, I don’t believe there is a book trailer in existence with this feature. What am I talking about? Well, read and see!

Next Stop: Borderlands Books on 9/27

My next reading and signing will be at Borderlands Books in San Francisco on September 27, 2014 at 3:00 pm. I’m a Bay Area native, so I’m especially excited about this stop. Don’t miss it!


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