Obama Doubts His Faith? (Prediction Comes True)

Remember in this previous blog post when I said:

On the other hand, his transits on January 21, 2013 are definitely indicative of a pleasant inauguration day. Lots of heartfelt communication, expansion in power (although not an easy one), and a sense of new self. This comes  after a seriously brutal transit of guilt and self-doubt around the middle of December. He might even have heavy religious doubts. On inauguration day, he’ll still be reeling from the burst bubble.

And then this happened:

On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza, 20 years old, fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the Sandy Hook village of Newtown, Connecticut. He had killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, at their nearby Newtown home before driving to the school. After shooting the students and staff members, he committed suicide.

If ever there was something faith-shaking…this is it.

While you have seen him tear up, you can believe he has taken this deeply to heart. He probably even blames himself — if not for what happened, then most certainly for anything that might happen later.

I don’t mind if he has a crisis of faith. It’s healthy and makes us rely more on reason than blind expectations. And while I want him to make this personal, I don’t want him to take this personally and crumple. I hope he finds the strength because he’s going against powerful foes as he backs an assault rifle ban. I want them to feel the concrete in his fist when it hits the political structures that have kept this country at the mercy of NRA interests.

Rock on, Mr. President. We, the People, are behind you. The reasonable People, anyway.

Because You’re All Wondering, I’m Sure

Yes, I poured over the charts of both Obama and Clinton weeks ago for tomorrow’s primary. I saw major stuff for both of them:

Obama: Two self-confidence transits (t. Mars sextile n. Mars and t. Jupiter trine n. Mars), as well as a dampening of idealism and solidification of his relationships (t. Saturn sextile Venus). He’s had this major “break up” transit for weeks now (t. Pluto opposing n. Venus), but he and Michelle seem to be doing fine as wine. It seems to be more concerned about money and values than chicks, but we’ll see.

Clinton: What a mess. Almost in a good way. Lots of excitement (t. Uranus trine n. Mercury), big plans (t. Jupiter sextile n. Mercury) and warlike speeches (t. Mars sextile n. Mercury). She has lots of weird, unstable transits to Saturn, which tells me she’s surfing not land-bound. In fact, it’s a Finger of Fate that’s lined up but with ugly planets. It simply means it’s a fateful day (no duh), not whether Lady Luck is smiling.

(Speaking of fate, why hasn’t McCain had his heart attack yet? I’m guessing that birth time his mother gave is, like, way off. Gee, what a surprise.)

Ultimately, these readings say nothing better than what the polls say, not to mention what we already know. Clinton obviously will win the primary, but by the hair of her chinny chin chin. Yet there won’t be a big enough difference between the two to be decisive. Even with projections from polls taken weeks ago that said she’d win 49-38, it’s still not enough for her to catch up. I’m saying nothing new. Unless Pennsylvania voters change their minds, this thing is simply lying down like it has been all along.

Oooh look! Michael Moore is endorsing Obama. Ironically, he calls Clinton’s tactics “disgusting.” This race couldn’t get any better…

Ass Kicked by Victorians. Film at 11.

I spent four hours in a Victorian Ballroom dancing class yesterday preparing for The Victorian Ball next Saturday night. While the dances themselves aren’t that physically challenging, after four hours with only three-minute breaks between the six or so dances we learned, I was ready to become one with my pillow. It’s sad because I was younger and more fit than most of the people in that class — or so I thought! That’ll learn me.

I dug dancing with The Marquise and The King of the Nachoheads. That was rockin’. But The Marquise and I are both wondering how our dresses are going to survive the pummeling from people’s heels. People aren’t used to being around those trailing bustle skirts, yo. And they’re expecting about 250 people at this thing! I think my dress might be doomed unless I make some alterations. My friends were also telling me that the Regency dances are much more friendly and fun. Apparently the people were far more reserved at the Victorian dance classes. Kind of fits with the period, though, don’t you think?

Very little writing happened this weekend, which pisses me off. Hopefully I can make up for lost time this week. In the meantime: