Because You’re All Wondering, I’m Sure

Yes, I poured over the charts of both Obama and Clinton weeks ago for tomorrow’s primary. I saw major stuff for both of them:

Obama: Two self-confidence transits (t. Mars sextile n. Mars and t. Jupiter trine n. Mars), as well as a dampening of idealism and solidification of his relationships (t. Saturn sextile Venus). He’s had this major “break up” transit for weeks now (t. Pluto opposing n. Venus), but he and Michelle seem to be doing fine as wine. It seems to be more concerned about money and values than chicks, but we’ll see.

Clinton: What a mess. Almost in a good way. Lots of excitement (t. Uranus trine n. Mercury), big plans (t. Jupiter sextile n. Mercury) and warlike speeches (t. Mars sextile n. Mercury). She has lots of weird, unstable transits to Saturn, which tells me she’s surfing not land-bound. In fact, it’s a Finger of Fate that’s lined up but with ugly planets. It simply means it’s a fateful day (no duh), not whether Lady Luck is smiling.

(Speaking of fate, why hasn’t McCain had his heart attack yet? I’m guessing that birth time his mother gave is, like, way off. Gee, what a surprise.)

Ultimately, these readings say nothing better than what the polls say, not to mention what we already know. Clinton obviously will win the primary, but by the hair of her chinny chin chin. Yet there won’t be a big enough difference between the two to be decisive. Even with projections from polls taken weeks ago that said she’d win 49-38, it’s still not enough for her to catch up. I’m saying nothing new. Unless Pennsylvania voters change their minds, this thing is simply lying down like it has been all along.

Oooh look! Michael Moore is endorsing Obama. Ironically, he calls Clinton’s tactics “disgusting.” This race couldn’t get any better…

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