As a tongue in cheek reference to the non-existent war on Christmas, Brian Flemming has started a campaign as of yesterday that he calls The War On Easter. While I approve of his intent to start conversation about the dangers of religious belief, his game plan — to plant 666 copies of The God Who Wasn’t There in churches all over America — won’t educate people, I suspect, but rather make them livid.

Now, I’m totally guessing as to why Brian’s blog and all of his other sites are down, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they went down the day after the “declaration.” It wouldn’t surprise me if certain factions have declared The War on Brian Flemming.

While it’s obnoxious to put those DVDs in churches, it’s ILLEGAL to take down other people’s websites. I think some people are feeling a wee bit threatened. But that’s okay. They seem to thrive on a persecution complex. If one man can make someone feel that persecuted, he must be onto something.

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