Hee hee! Damn them all!

I didn’t run around damning too many people yesterday, although it was tempting.

I couldn’t resist damning BF. And he seemed to like it.

Just under 3000 words yesterday, bringing the total to 53,017 words. However, I’m not too enamored of half of what I wrote yesterday. There are some lines that felt funnier than others, but I want it to be more consistent.

Girls of Tender Age is yet proving to be pretty amazing. Tirone Smith weaves stories of her strange childhood growing up with her older, at times hilariously autistic brother, with the back story of a serial killer who comes to her town and eventually murders one of her best friends. The chapters following the serial killer’s history are in past tense while her life story — past and future — remains in present tense. Very clever and memorable writing.

I’ve also discovered, as I browse Amazon, that they’ve completely taken away the Author Blogs. I’m hoping it’s for the overhaul they badly need in design. A geeky girl can dream, can’t she?

Off to make mischief.

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