Sleepless au Sud

Last night I had honest to goodness insomnia, in part due to a nasty post-nasal drip. I didn’t want to get up and get the antihistamines because it would wake The Frenchman, who was sleeping soundly. Finally just after 3:00am I decided that was, like, dumb, and managed to get the medication without too much disruption.

It looks like, as I’m up on 53,546 words, I might reach my 60K word count by the time we go to the spa on Tuesday (we go to Avoriaz the next day). However, it also looks like the book is actually going to end up closer to 90,000 words (by Word, not publishing count). This should not surprise me, but it does for some reason. This thing has eaten up my entire head. I can barely pull my skull from its iron jaws sometimes.

The last 1/3 of Girls of Tender Age is not typical memoir, but rather devoted to the investigation into what happened in the trials and appeals of the pedophile who murdered the author’s friend. Pretty riveting stuff. A perfect window into 1950s politics and culture. I find it particularly amusing that in the 50s, environmentalists were called “bird watchers” and considered Republicans. Oh, my aching sides! That’s funny, how the world changes.

The Frenchman wanted to see The Breakup last night, with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Anniston, so we rented it. Pretty watery porridge compared to a classic like War of the Roses. Some parts didn’t make any sense whatsoever and were even downright unbelievable. Commercial flicks — bah! I chose the first season of Six Feet Under to start watching tonight. I suspect that’s going to be more our speed. At least mine, anyway.

Incidentally, via a link to a random author blog from Google, I discovered that Amazon has taken down the blogs to make major changes. Hurrah! I know the design team has gotten at least a couple of my emails. I hope enough people chimed in with the same concerns. My geek dreams continue…if more in the daylight, than the night…

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